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Dell 8N0T7 battery replacement Dell XPS 15 9575 Series

This Dell 8N0T7 Battery has a capacity of 6254mAh/75WH and a voltage of 11.4V. Suitable for battery Dell XPS 15 9575 Series. 100% compatible and 100% safe. 1-year warranty, 30-day money back guarantee.
Dell 8N0T7 6254mAh/75WH 11.4V Notebook Battery
Dell 8N0T7 battery

Product details:
Brand: Dell 8N0T7 Notebook batteries
Type: Li-ion battery
Voltage: 11.4V
Capacity: 6254mAh/75WH

Replace the following batteries:

Compatible with the following models:
Charge limit voltage:13.2V
For Dell 8N0T7 Series Laptop Notebook

Laptop battery tips
Newly bought notebooks, the first three charges do not need to reach 12 hours

because the current laptop batteries have a management chip that can control the charging limit, when the battery is full, it will automatically cut off the charging function, thus protecting the battery life and avoiding overcharging.
It is not necessary to discharge completely before each charge

because this deep discharge will shorten the battery life. It is recommended to charge when the remaining 10% is left. In addition, when there is still more than 30% of the battery power, it is best not to charge, because the memory effect does exist. The power management software allows you to check the battery level at any time, and the Dell XPS 15 9575 Series come with a battery indicator that allows you to check the remaining battery even without turning it on.
When plugging in AC power (connecting the power adapter), you don't need to remove the battery

because most laptop batteries need to be charged below 90%, and the battery naturally discharges to this capacity takes two weeks to a month, so use it every day. Notebooks don't have to worry about repeated charging and unloading, not to mention the fact that emergency power outages are more damaging to data.
If you want to store unused batteries for a long time, you need to put them in a dry, low temperature environment while maintaining 40% of the remaining power in the battery. In addition, it is best to take out the battery once a month to ensure a good storage state and service life of the battery.

Reducing the brightness of your notebook screen can extend the life of your notebook and reduce the number of times it is charged.

Use some power management tools, such as the Power Assistant on the Dell XPS 15 9575 Series, which can even monitor the energy consumption of each component in real time through the PMC circuit, and accurately summarize the company's status to the HP client Configuration Manager software, and optionally Turn off the specified parts to extend battery life.

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